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Thota Water Systems is a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of vast range of RO water purifier and latest water purification systems in India.

As usual Water Purifiers are sold through concept selling, Our reverse osmosis water Filters are supposed to generate references through all kind of media viz., advertisements, references from customers, our own contacts, UV, UF, Add Minerals Water Purifier users etc.

The process of selling involves:

Enquiries generation
Product demo at customer ’ s premises
Convincing customer
Order procurements
Delivery & payment collection
After sales service

Good after sales service encourages customers to give more references which keep the cycle of selling going on.

THOTA Water Systems wishes to appoint Distributor franchise in different cities of India.

These franchises would totally be responsible to do direct marketing of Aqualead (Leader in Purity) R. O. products in their respective areas.

  •  Aqualead ( Leader in Purity) R-O Systems would support the franchise by training their staff, supplying publicity material and advertisement support.

  •  The franchises would be totally responsible for demonstration, collecting orders, product installation as well as servicing during the warranty period.

  •  Spares required in warranty period would be supplied free of cost by the Company.(Excluding the consumable parts like membrane and filters.)


Aqualead R-O Systems for its expansion plan are inviting Franchisees who can take care of sales in other virgin territories. The Franchise would be a person –

  •  Preferably who has experience in sales/ business and would involve himself in direct marketing in field.

  •  With ambitious dreams

  •  With clear concept of Business

  •  Drive to grow

Franchise will have to appoint at least two direct marketing sales personnel and one service/ installation person to operate in his area.

Franchise to keep minimum 5 units of R. O. in his stock to begin with. The same should be increased to 10 units within 3 months time.

Company will supply product at a discount on MRP for sale in his area.

Franchise will have to make all efforts to reach a level where he manages minimum 30 pcs of R. O. Water Purifier sales per month.

As per our business model Franchisee can earn Rs.1.50,000/- per month on an average sale of 30 pieces/month.


Followings are the terms and conditions for becoming FRANCHISE of Aqualead R-O Systems :-

  •  At the start-up stage DISTRIBUTOR will be supplied minimum 10 nos. of R.O. units

  •  The franchise will purchase at least one demo kit which is costing Rs.6,000/-

  •  By 12 months, we expect the business to grow to 35 plus units a month, so suggest FRANCHISE to build a stock of minimum 10 machines and maintain necessary spare parts inventory also.

  •  FRANCHISE shall recruit minimum 2 Sales Personnel (SP) & 1 Service Tech. exclusively for AQUALEAD line of products for sales campaign, which shall subsequently go up to 6 SPs by 12 months to achieve the sales target.

  •  AQUALEAD R-O Systems shall arrange for training of the Sales & Service personnel of the FRANCHISE. FRANCHISE shall be responsible for arranging installation & providing full fledged after sales services to his customers during & after the warranty period. During warranty period spares required against any manufacturing defect shall be replaced/ supplied by AQUALEAD R. O. Systems.

  •  AQUALEAD R-O SYSTEMS shall depute Senior Marketing/Service people to Franchise's territory at regular interval to provide full technical & moral support.

  •  Advertisement, publicity etc. inputs will be provided at the discretion of the Co. only.

  •  During the Agency period, the FRANCHISE shall not deal with any of the competitors or similar line of product.


  •  All POP e.g., Catalogues, Danglers, Posters, Insertions etc. would be provided by the Company.

  •  Company will provide one stall and one 36 or 4 8 board to every dealer.

  •  Company will distribute all enquiry which comes through ad ’ s to our distributors and dealer franchise

  •  If distributor or dealer wants to give their own personal Newspaper advertisement or local cable ad ’ s then that will be on achieving basic minimum volume in the area. (Basic minimum volume to be decided between franchise and AQUALEAD R.O. Systems in advance.)

  •  Necessary training for Sales & Service Personnel would be provided by the Company.